Got a Wedding coming up? Looking for a professional DJ in Chennai who can gauge the mood of the crowd and play music accordingly?

Your quest ends here.

Booking the right wedding DJ can make a huge difference in your wedding reception. The right wedding DJ service can make the difference between a boring wedding reception and one that your wedding guests talk about for years.

Not all wedding DJ’s are created equal. Just because a DJ has a great collection of wedding DJ music does not mean that he or she is the perfect fit for your wedding entertainment. 

We understand that a perfect wedding is a celebration which is the culmination of a lot of hard work! We sincerely believe that good music will add more joy to this celebration and make it an occasion to be fondly remembered and recollected.

To facilitate the same, we provide a very professional DJ experience and play for Weddings and other related events like Wedding Receptions, Mehendi, and Wedding Parties.

We closely work with the wedding couple and other relevant people to understand the sentiments of the family and to also gauge the preferences of the crowd. We personalize our services and play music which blends with the wedding.

Got a wedding coming up? Need a professional DJ in Chennai? Get in touch with us. Let us together make it a joyous occasion!


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A Wedding Sangeet is a memorable occasion, and the right kind of music adds more sheen to it. We have been playing at many Wedding Sangeets over the years, and added more splendour to the colourful event! Our music is a confluence of popular numbers, listener’s choices, and skilful mixes which add to the hues of a cherished wedding canvas!

We provide the perfect music and the aural backdrop for your Sangeet Sandhya.

Our DJ’s have done hundreds of Sangeet shows.Our event organisers can arrange the perfect decorations for your event.corporate-party

We have over 8 years of expertise in providing DJ services in Chennai for many corporate events. Our experience helps us understand the musical taste of the crowd quickly. We are adept and adroit at playing music which caters to the diverse requirements of an eclectic audience. Furnishing Deejaying services which compliment the spirit of corporate event is what we endeavour for.

To enable the same for our clients, we adopt the following methodology:

Listen and Debate with the clients > Understand and Encapsulate the essence > Render DJ services which are long remembered

Launches and Parties, Retreats, Team Building Events, Office Parties, Conferences, and Workshops are some Corporate events for which we have been the DJ partners. Vodafone, Infosys, TCS, Sutherland Technologies, HCL, L&T, and Deloitte are the names of some MNCs who have availed of our services.

Have a Corporate event coming up? Seeking a DJ in Chennai who can provide a personalized experience which seamlessly integrates with the essence of the event? Contact us! We would love to collaborate with you!corporate-event-DJ-dj-for-corporate-party-company-party-dj-1024x683

The elixir of Private Parties is the private and tailor-made experience they offer. Privacy is the operating word. We understand this and provide DJ services in Chennai which enhance the mood of the party.

We customize our DJ services to harmonize with the flavour of the private party to provide an unforgettable experience. We interact with our hosts, seek to understand the quintessence of the party, and enrich it with the music we provide and the services we render.

Are you planning to host a private party? Melody?Glitzy? Glamorous? Energetic? A mix of everything? Need a DJ in Chennai to help you? Name it and we will deliver the perfect mix of music and services. Together, we can create and have an enchanting party!school_dances_parties-2

We also cater to the DJ requirements of other events like Cultural Shows and events hosted by schools and colleges, Musical Nights and Fests, Road shows, Pubs, etc. We believe that the apt kind of DJ services can elevate any event and make it a special one. We have a host of experience in playing for such events and providing customized DJ services in Chennai.


While partnering for such events, our music plays the following symphony:

—–We interact with our clients to understand the intent behind hosting the events

—–We communicate the strategies we plan to adopt

—–We seek the client’s feedback

—–We deliver DJ services which are tuned to the preferences of the audience


Do you have any event in the pipeline? We enjoy customizing service requirements for a DJ in Chennai!

Drop us a line or call us! We would love to hear from you. We definitely look forward to working with you!